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Workshop on CDM project identification, design, and implementation

25 January 2011 - 27 January 2011

The workshop aimed at improving the capacity of consultants and experts in the Pacific Region on identifying potential projects for CDM implementation.

Representatives from Fiji, Tonga, PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Samoa were invited to participate in the workshops.


25 January 2011  
CDM project cycle - process and actors Jyoti Painuly, URC
CDM project implementation progress so far - the URC CDM Pipeline Joergen Fenhann, URC
Key concepts in CDM project cycle - based on UNEP CDM pre-feasibility tool Atul Raturi, USP
CDM methodologies: main contents and their application Xianli Zhu, URC
Small-scale CDM: Criteria, advantages, and status Srikanth Subbarao, New Zealand
Forestry CDM Xianli Zhu, URC
Important web sources of information: CDM Rulebook, CDMPipeline, Project web sites… Joergen Fenhann, URC
26 January 2011  
Country presentations
  Fiji Part 1, Part 2
  Solomon Islands
Concrete examples of PoA CDM implementation in Pacific Katerina Syngellakis, IUCN
Project viability and initiation Srikanth Subbarao, New Zealand
New simpler rules for CDM project from Small Island States Joergen Fenhann, URC
CDM Project - concrete examples Atul Raturi, USP
27 January 2011  
PDD - key components and template  Srikanth Subbarao, New Zealand
PDD preparation - pitfalls, tips and tricks Joergen Fenhann, URC
Prior consideration of CDM Joergen Fenhann, URC
Financing CDM projects Jyoti Painuly, URC
PIN - the uses of a PIN and its preparation Xianli Zhu, URC
Group exercise on PIN preparation  
PIN Presentation and discussion SPREP
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