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Coconut oil based power generation (PIN)

The project will use locally abundant coconut to produce coconut oil as fuel for a new 1 MW power plant.

Project Idea Note (PIN)

    A significant part of Samoa’s power generation depends on imported diesel fuel. The Electric Power Corporation is looking into local resources as alternative to diesel oil. The project will include the building and operation of a coconut oil processing plant and 1 MW coconut oil-based power generation plant. The project will process around 5 million coconuts and produce 660,000 litres of coconut oil per year

    Project facts

    Country:  Samoa

    Project Type:  Renewable Energy – biofuel

    Project size:  Micro-scale

    CERs/Year:  VER output: tCO2e per year (17710 tCO2e in the period 2016-2025)

    Contact:  Tile Leia Tuimalealiifano, Electric Power Corporation, Tel: +685 6540, leiat(at)epc(dot)ws

    Status:  Selected by Samoa DNA for PIN development, feasibility study finished.

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